KAMILLA ROHDE DAMVAD // Graphic designer


About me

Hello my name is Kamilla!

I am a swiss army woman with a lot of passion and dareing to do things I have not done before. My background as multimedia designer and my title of visual communicator I undertake any quest involving both digital and physical medias.

Others see me as a very technical type but with the heart of an artist. I often see solutions that are different from the norm and have a huge need to get my hands dirty so I can be sure everything is working.

I have a passion translating complex data into graphic solutions while maintaining or creating brand guidelines. Storytelling is at the heart of all my work where it be through text, illustrations or branded promotions.

2020 - Present

Founder, graphic designer and illustrator

The past year I have been running my own business as a graphic designer. I have produced a visual identity for the brand Træfork. I have also been working as a freelance creative illustrator where I draw commissioned portraits and more.


Digital Designer

At Grundfos I was part of an international digitalt design team whos main focus is vizualizing the products in 3D. This being on a wide range of platforms from print to vertual reality. I was tasked with researching and teaching a new photorealistic render pipeline to the creative staff. This involved setting up custom light, camera and enviroment which was correct in relation to the brand guidelines. I worked closely with other artist, management and a viarity of departments to find the best solution.


Graphic Designer
Møllerup Brands & Convert A/S

During my intership at Møllerup Gods I had a very varied workday. I worked across different firms and produced graphic material for both internal and exterrnal use. I had to balance design with heavy loads of information and food regulations. I did graphic both on- and offline channels such as print production, SoMe, web, video and more.


Graphic Designer & order management
Grafisk Finish A/S

I started as a graphic intern as part of my bachelor and stuck around. Here my main jobs were design and implementing new promotion strategy, this included website and different printed promotional material. The rest of the time I did DTP ADhoc and managing orders for the production line.

2017 – 2018

BA Visual Fashing Communication
VIA University College

Here I learned much more on design for printed and physical medias. Trends, packaging and exhibition design were some of the main focus points on my specialty experience design.

2017 - 2018

Student Graphic Designer
Kanda A/S

Consulting on different digital project mostly in relation to UX and UI. Editing and creating 3D models for implementation in visual presentation apps and more.


Intership - Multi Media Designer
Aarhus Motion

Spend half a year here producing printed and digital material for events. My main focus was creating and implementing the visual identity for Riis Skov Trail.


Graphic Designer
Witch Italy - Online forum
I volunteered to be the graphic designer for an online forum for a period. Here I made different graphic elements like banners, avatars, gifs and more.

2015 – 2017

Multi Media Design
Business Academy Aarhus
Learning about design, mostly digitally with creative advertisement as my specialty. Here I learned the basics of design principles and coding websites.

2014 - 2015

Computer Science - First year
Business Academy Aarhus
Learning object-oriented code where the used languages were: Java, SQL and JavaScript

2014 - 2015

Desiren - Etsy shop
Fonder and desginer

Producing and selling my own digital graphic material. Mainly posters and smaller pirntable materials.

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