KAMILLA ROHDE DAMVAD // Graphic designer

Project Name


  • Project

    Interdisciplinary project - IKEA

  • Type

    Koncept og grafisk nyudvikling

  • Firm/school

    VIA University // IKEA

  • Focus Points

    Concept development, design thinking & innovative solutions

Project Details

During my Visual Fashion Communication studies I was part of a larger project, involving a real case from IKEA. This was done through teamwork with different people from various fields of study. The case was based of a trend study our team made, where we found a trend in sustainability and DIY.

Our concept for IKEA was an alternative way of thinking of their flat packs. This involved the making of different designs the customers then were able to “pop-up” from the packaging of their newly bought furniture.

We made research on the possibilities of implementing this through stop form in the existing production line. Also we made various prototypes on a lasercutter to test the durability and the appeal in a small focus group.

My part in this project was mainly trend search, brainstorming and converting the idea into prototypes for the lasercutter.

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